Anonymous sent: Chapter link?


Anonymous sent: i gotta tell you ..out of all the fanfictions i have read this story and coach brown be the motherfuckin shit

Omg coach brown is my shittttttttttttttttttt!!!! Thank you :)

Anonymous sent: Can I have the chapter list?

*reads entire Stepdaddyfanfic over again b/c I miss it, and I’m so bored*

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Yall remember my first ever story?


Anonymous sent: I feel dumb as fuck. I read marrigetrialsff before i read this one, DAYUMMM!!!


localtrapstarrr sent: Omg!! I just finished ready this story and it was good af real talk! Like I didnt expect all that crazy shit to happen but yeahh I jus wanted to tell you that this story literaly gave me life!

So glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous sent: I have read A LOT of fan fics. Trust me, there are sooooooooo many Chris Brown stories out there. But I can honestly say this is my absolute favorite. I loooved his dominance over her & her evil ways. I do plan on reading it over. Good job girl :*

Thank you ^__^

lovemyselfthen sent: I had to reread your story because they don't make em like this anymore great story

Thank you

Stepdaddyfanfic : The sex scenes.

They’re aren’t really a lot, tbh. I’ll try to go in order.